Educational Material

The initiative "In My Skin" emerged from an interdisciplinary project focused on destigmatizing people with visible chronic skin diseases (ECHT). The ECHT-study had a duration of three years (2018-2020) and was funded by the German Ministry of health.  The results of the ECHT-study show that education, raising awareness, and the encounter between affected and non-affected people effectively reduce stigmatization and exclusion. The initiative "In My Skin" aims to disseminate these research results and put them into practice for and together with those affected.


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As part of the initiative, the following video was developed, which is aimed in particular at adolescents.


The study BEGINN is a follow-up project to ECHT, which also aims to destigmatise skin diseases and, in particular, to sensitise members of body care professions such as physiotherapists and hairdressers to this issue. BEGINN is being carried out in cooperation with the German Psoriasis Association and is sponsored by Beiersdorf as part of its "Social Mission" campaign. The following accompanying video is the result of this cooperation.