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We are dedicated to the research and promotion of “People-Centered Health Care” (PCHC) – a novel concept declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) which paves the way for future global health care. People-Centered Health Care is humanistic, innovative, and exciting! Here we tell you why:

Worldwide, many people live with a chronic disease that requires care over many years. They have to deal with their illness and its impact around the clock and in all domains of life – in interactions with families and friends, at work, on holiday. Unfortunately, they frequently do not receive the necessary information and advice to manage their chronic illness outside the health care setting.

Consequently, the WHO demands a shift to People-Centered Health Care1. In People-Centered Health Care (often also referred to as person- or patient-centered care), patients and health care professionals determine the treatment in collaboration (shared decision making), on eye-level, and tailor it to the patient’s individual needs. This approach requires that, firstly, patients receive education about their disease and the pros and cons of the different treatment options. Secondly, health care professionals should encourage patients to voice their preferred treatment and their personal therapy goals, and empower them to manage their health condition independently. Moreover, we must broaden our perspective on health from the mere absence of illness to an integral definition encompassing physical, psychological, and social well-being, and with attention to political and economic aspects of health².

People-centered health care has many advantages:

  • It promotes trust in health care, patients' beliefs in treatment success and patient satisfaction.

  • It enables patients to self-manage their illness and become more independent.

  • It not only improves health but well-being.

  • It facilitates efficient use of the health care system and continuity of treatment.

  • It reduces the costs for patients and insurances.

  • It improves the allocation of resources and access to care.


We aim to establish this approach as treatment standard in dermatology and beyond. To this end, we develop instruments to assess patient needs and well-being. Furthermore, we conduct research into illness burden and treatment effects, and design and implement novel interventions.

On this website, we share our work with you and provide informational material and resources for patients, health care providers, and the general public. We urge health care providers and decision makers to strive for People-Centered Health Care and we encourage patients to request such care in order to achieve the best possible health outcomes.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj-AvTOdk2Q (WHO: What is people-centred care? - YouTube)

2 Verfassung der Weltgesundheitsorganisation, deutsche Übersetzung. 1946




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