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Personal, Financial and Time Burden in Inherited Ichthyoses: A Survey of 144 Patients in a University-based Setting

C. Klein, V. Oji, R. Sommer, M. Augustin, S. Ständer, S. Salzmann, K. Kiekbusch, J. Bodes, M. F. Danzer, H. Traupe, J. Fischer, S. Steinke & K. Süßmuth

We investigated costs, time and disease burden of ichthyoses. The study addresses difficulties of the healthcare situation for patients with ichthyoses and reveals potential improvements.

Psychosocial Burden in People with Atopic Dermatitis: Effects of a Substance-Free Basic Skincare in a Random-ized Health Care Study

C.C. Braren-von Stülpnagel, M. Augustin, R. Sommer & L. Westphal

The aims of this study were to compare clinical and psychosocial parameters between patients with a different severity of atopic dermatitis and to analyse the effect of an omega-6-fatty-acid-skin therapy.